About us

We rather talk about your business, but if you really want to know... 😅

My name is Ferre, I started BYNKER as a one person Business Development agency, where I supported two Belgian businesses with their commercial processes and international distribution. From there everything grew.

Along the way I noticed companies can find help for almost anything specific (marketing, SEO, website, legal, ...) what was harder to find were generalists. Professionals who serve as a second pair of eyes to look over the global business organisation. I never lost my love for sales, so now I combine both.

All the projects center around making your perfect business even more perfect. This by either looking at the business on a whole, improving your customer experience, analysing your strategies and processes, finding new markets or improving your sales process.

I do work very close together with a few other specialised agencies. When you are more in the need of an expert rather than a generalist we get you in contact with one of my partners.

Skyline Park T2

Ambachtenstraat 33, 8870 Izegem


BE 0641.956.787

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