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You might already have a business, or thinking of staring one. Becoming 'your own boss', fulfilling that life-long dream and getting your product or idea into the market. To make that dream a reality is most often easier said than done.

Running a business is more than just working hard, you have to know how to play the markt, how to acquire customers, understanding your financial situation, and maintaining your mental health. But no stress, we are here to help.

On this page you won't find any complex theories or methods, just some small tips and tricks you can use in any business. We took the most asked questions of our customers and placed them in this handy overview.

If you need more information, or want to go a little bit deeper into detail, feel free to schedule an intro call with us and we will be pleased to help you further.

From idea to a business

It only takes 1 idea to start a business. But how do you find out if that idea is worth starting a business?

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Not sure where to start on all your essential documents? Download them here for free. (Business Plan, Financial Plan, Business model canvas)

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How to find the perfect location?

A crucial element of starting your new business is picking the right location. Unfortunately there is no exact science to help you with this, but with this guide you will get pretty close.

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To sell online, or not to sell online

Since the pandemic many business feel the need to open a webshop. But this is not the answer for every business. Find out why a webshop might not be the best choice for your business, and how to win from the online Goliaths.

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